Thursday, 27 July 2017

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Online poker gaming websites often suffer from an issue of unwanted unreal “people”. As we all know that the presence of bots on the internet has been taking on our nerves for the time being. It makes the websites record fake data and they do not get to accomplish anything significant. This is one of the main reasons that play poker guru doesn’t have an online platform. As much we wish to reach the best players throughout the world, which we are working on, we want our players to have a real experience, with some real people and until the time our security against bots is not beefed up, we refrain from online poker.
In order to deal with this fight against the artificial players in the world of online poker, the biggest real money online poker room, Playpokerguru have decided to take it to the next level. They have issued a number of guidelines to its online users to being continued to be able to play poker on their website. One of such guidelines include getting a video recording of their session while playing, this first and foremost is the contradiction to the concept of online gaming. Online gaming was invented so that you can have your privacy and can stay away from exposure, play under a pseudonym but video recording will anyway contradict this one luxury of the comfort of online poker. They have clearly stated their requirements, “…we require a video recording of you playing. This recording has a few mandatory requirements”. It further adds, “It is important that you’re playing session is conducted in the same manner as one of your typical sessions as your tendencies will be contrasted with your regular play”.

It was an important step for ensuring the genuineness of the internet and online poker playing but it also it takes away the essence of online poker none the less. All the issues and concerns kept aside, offline poker while interacting with people has its own charm. The old school manner of the table and the observation of people while socializing with food and drinks is the real poker because poker is not all about money (though being a really important part but still not all about it), it is about the way you interact with people, it is the test of the wits. If you want to play poker game call Just visit and call on Saurabh Jain +91-9999924385.


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