Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Live Cash Game Play Only Place in South Delhi

 Daily Cash Games, Exclusively for Indian Players.
*24 x 7 cash pick and drop facility available. No online transaction required. For More +91-9999924385
Live cash house and a live cash game play only place in South Delhi, Delhi / NCR, Gurgaon safe place to be is in full action with home games
Play Full Action Cash Game Now in Delhi
- ♠♥Texas Holdem ♣♦
5k Buyin
10k Buyin
25k Buyin
50k Buyin
Full cash in or out

Log on or contact Saurabh Jain at or call +91 9999924385 for ongoing live poker.

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  1. While I don't advocate folding KK preflop very often, there is a specific time and place to sometimes entertain the idea. Domino99