Saturday, 30 January 2016

How professional poker does helps you make a living!

Popular glamorized movies have given a pretty unrealistic version of what does a professional poker room looks from within. They have an image of dark room with smoke and a table full of sharks ready to rob every single penny off your favorite hero. The truth is however that none of these glamorized scenes are close to reality. Professional player experience a friendly environment and an environment which is defined by multi ethnicity and learning new skills.
In the real world, poker is no different than any other profession. Every profession, every business has risks and so does poker. Some elements of risk come wrapped under the cover of financial investments while some are when someone is presenting you with a pot. Usually direct risks are more honest as in the world of poker.
When you enter the world of professional poke, you’ll meet a lot of individuals who haven’t gone to work (in conventional sense) for as long as 7-8 years and approached to poker as a business professionally. In every business one party suffers a loss and other gain something, this is the same way poker works, in fact more directly than anyone else.
An accountant or a club owner sees delayed results, their profits or losses comes in a long term calculations, while the pain of defeat or the joy of victory can be seen on the faces of a player right away. At the end of the day every one of them is bound by similar laws of business, loss or gain of one affects the other quite the opposite. Most business start ups fail within the first 5 years of their starting because their quality of service or goods or marketing was inferior to that of their competitors. So comparing all these facts with poker, we can safely say that poker is nothing but another form of a business. The fundamental rule stays the same, be better than your opponent.
When a experienced worker is preferred over the inexperienced one then it is clear that one is preferring results over anything else. It is possible that till the time the rookie doesn’t gain experience properly, he’ll be handled the less important clients, where it is ok to make the initial mistakes. Sometimes the rookie becomes better than the experienced one after a certain time but in the long run it is only the performance that matters. So at last poker is nothing more than a business in its different form, with all the elements of risks and so we can see a lot of professionals doing nothing else for money other than playing poker day and night, what a sweet, fun way to make a living.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Battle to Fight the Bots

Online poker gaming websites often suffer with an issue of unwanted unreal “people”. As we all know that the presence of bots on the internet has been taking on our nerves since the time being. It makes the websites record fake data and they do not get to accomplish anything significant. This is one of the main reasons that play poker guru doesn’t have an online platform. As much we wish to reach the best players throughout the world, which we are working on, we want our players to have a real experience, with some real people and till the time our security against bots is not beefed up, we refrain from online poker.
In order to deal with this fight against the artificial players in the world of online poker, the biggest real money online poker room, PokerStars have decided to take it to the next level. They have issues a number of guidelines to its online users to being continued to be able to play poker on their website. One of such guidelines include getting a video recording of their session while playing, this first and foremost is the contradiction to the concept of online gaming. Online gaming was invented so that you can have your privacy and can stay away from exposure, play under a pseudonym but video recording will anyway contradict this one luxury of the comfort of online poker. They have clearly stated their requirements, “…we require a video recording of you playing. This recording has a few mandatory requirements”. It further adds, “It is important that your playing session is conducted in the same manner as one of your typical sessions as your tendencies will be contrasted with your regular play”.

It was an important step for ensuring the genuineness of the internet and online poker playing but it also it takes away the essence of online poker none the less. All the issues and concerns kept aside, offline poker while interacting with people has its own charm. The old school manner of the table and the observation of people while socializing with food and drinks is the real poker because poker is not all about money (though being a really important part but still not all about it), it is about the way you interact with people, it is the test of the wits. So contact playpokerguru now to start playing poker for real money with the flavor of New Delhi.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Join ongoing poker tournament in Delhi

People remember only 2 things about poker, the worst hand they get and their peak time. The truth on the contrary is that poker is not about what combination you get, it is about how well you can lie to people while looking in their eyes. There is no perfection in this, you just have to keep inventing new ways and keep analyzing how different people think. Join this battle of wits and cunning by Contacting Saurabh Jain at or call +91 - 999 - 992 – 4385 for ongoing live poker.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Join ongoing poker tournament in Delhi

Poker is usually seen as a game of instinct or as a game of mathematics, those who believe in instinct would deny aspects of mathematics here and vice versa but the truth is that poker is a combination of the 2 skills and none stands alone. Test your instincts and mathematical skills by Contacting Saurabh Jain at or call +91 - 999 - 992 – 4385 for ongoing live poker.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Aaron Sorkin to turn director and he chooses a poker story to do it!

We have all seen his magic in the script writing of the Steve Jobs’ life’s account and now he is doing another one with Molly Bloom’s memoir. Initially it was going to be another one of his flicks where he would participate as a screen writer but now it turns out that he is going to direct it too.
Molly Bloom’s memoir is about her life as a sports star and her transition into a poker magnate. Producer of the film Mark Gordon confirmed this and he along with former Sony boss Amy Pascal booked the rights first for the Hollywood elite’s memoir.
The autobiography is named Molly's Game, subtitled From Hollywood’s Elite to Wall Street’s Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure In The World Of Underground Poker. It is an interesting story with all the elements to make for an interesting storytelling and it is particularly special because it is coming from a great story teller like Aaron Sorkin.
The story of a master skier since childhood and then a nationally recognized business tycoon at the age of 21 while still in college is going to rock the theatres probably in 2017. Someone barely missing Olympics, turning into a waitress and then turn a billionaire with poker sure makes for an interesting story. This game totally being a game of skill made her a multi billionaire which the 9-5 working class can only dream about and she would not have stopped until the FBI came calling.
These are the only confirmed reports and the shooting will start soon this year. In comparison to other games and sports, poker is not very much explored subject in Hollywood because there is no loud music or inspiring pushups maybe but given correct storytelling and screenplay and direction poker is one of the most interesting topics to be explored. If the adrenaline rush can be captured well in detective movies then they will sure make for an interesting observation for this game.

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