Thursday, 25 January 2018

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Poker in Delhi | Live Cash Home Games | Delhi Poker Club

Poker is not just a game for us at PlayPokerGuru! It is an experience, a thrilling one! We are committed to providing a recreational fun experience for all players, in a responsible and transparent manner. Playpokerguru is a player-centric platform for online poker. It is one of India’s most exciting platforms for players at all stages in their poker career to experience real money games and exciting tournaments. At PlayPokerGuru, the bellwether brand of comprehended gaming, you’ll find all the latest non-stop poker action with lots of fun and safe environment to play with people from around India, with games available for real or play money. We, at Intuit Gaming, bring to you a world-class platform to play your favorite card-based skill game online, without having to worry about the security of your real or play money. What’s More – You’ll always find a table and a game, that’s right for you – it doesn’t matter what your player level, experience or budget is!
At Playpokerguru, we believe we are entertainers with a mission. We take immense responsibility in being fair and just as we appreciate and the value your trust in us. To this end, all our software and support, powered by Connective Games, is reviewed and updated constantly, with the highest of standards. From customer support to transaction management, be rest assured you and your hard-earned earnings are in Indian Pokers’ safest hands! It is surely not easy to find online poker sites in India or also in Delhi, but we've done the difficult part for you. We've tracked down the Indian best poker site that offers the best features, game variety, and bonuses, and listed them in all in one easy to find location. PlayPokerguru is one of the best-dedicated suppliers of poker products in India supplying you with the very best branded & unbranded poker products.  From playpokerguru you can pick your style and we can supply the gaming table and all the right equipment to be with it; be it cards, chips, chip racks, etc.  Enjoy our amazing services at great prices & with wonderful facilities. Feel secure buying from the most reputable and most famous poker club in INDIA. We scoured the web for the very best poker rooms for Indian players. The poker rooms that made the cut did so because they offer:
•             Easy, safe, and secure transactions in the Indian Rupee for the Indian players
•             Provide excellent services to the customers according to their requirements
•             Indian players got generous bonuses as per their performance

This game totally is a game of skill made her a multi-billionaire which the 9-5 working class can only dream about and she would not have stopped until the FBI came calling. These are the only confirmed reports and the shooting will start soon this year. In comparison to other games and sports, poker is not very much explored the subject in Hollywood because there is no loud music or inspiring pushups maybe but given correct storytelling and screenplay and direction poker is one of the most interesting topics to be explored. If the adrenaline rush can be captured well in detective movies then they will sure make for an interesting observation for this game. Live the thrill of this game for yourself and join poker tournaments around the world. Log on or contact Saurabh Jain at or call +91 9999924385 for ongoing live poker.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Live Cash Game Play Only Place in South Delhi

 Daily Cash Games, Exclusively for Indian Players.
*24 x 7 cash pick and drop facility available. No online transaction required. For More +91-9999924385
Live cash house and a live cash game play only place in South Delhi, Delhi / NCR, Gurgaon safe place to be is in full action with home games
Play Full Action Cash Game Now in Delhi
- ♠♥Texas Holdem ♣♦
5k Buyin
10k Buyin
25k Buyin
50k Buyin
Full cash in or out

Log on or contact Saurabh Jain at or call +91 9999924385 for ongoing live poker.